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Notary Services

Notary Service

Need something notarized?  Just stop by the lobby on your next visit to the credit union.  If you know you will be in a particular location at a certain time and need notary assistance it is best to call ahead to make sure someone will be available for quicker service.

Members may have documents requiring a notary seal notarized free during regular credit union business hours in the lobby.  Regulations require your signature be witnessed in the presence of the Notary.  We follow this regulation without exception.

Signature Guarantee

TelComm CU offers Signature Guarantee for your documents requiring extra security.  Some people may call this a Medallion or Medallion Stamp as well – all the same endorsement with different names depending on who you talk with and when.

This service is available to members only at the Sunshine location in Springfield only.  If you know in advance you need signature guarantee endorsement it is best to call ahead and make an appointment with Don at the Sunshine St. office.  Call 417.886.5355 during office hours Monday thru Friday to arrange an appointment for quicker service.