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Your Card. Your Terms. Download CardValet® Today.


  • Do you need PARENTAL CONTROLS?
  • Is FRAUD a big concern for you?

CardValet offers real-time control over your debit and credit card 24/7.  This FREE mobile app is available to all TelComm Credit Union members by downloading it in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store by just searching for CardValet.

Turn your Debt/Credit Card “On and Off”

You have the ability with CardValet to turn “Off” your card the moment you realize your card is lost, stolen or has possibly been compromised.  Additionally, when you are ready to make a purchase online or at a merchant, you can simply turn your card back “On” at any time.

Establish Transaction Controls

Controls can be established for dollar amount limits* (i.e. $50 per day), merchant categories (i.e. gas stations, hotels, restaurants, department stores, grocery) and geographic locations.  Location policies only cover in-store transactions and your GPS location tracking must be enabled to utilize the location controls.

Receive Alerts

Receive real-time alerts when your card is used, when a transaction is approved or exceeds a specified amount, or when a card transaction was attempted but declined.

Review Balances & Transactions

Monitor your financial controls from anywhere.

Fraud Protection

In today’s world identity theft, card skimming and data breaches are unfortunately a reality.  CardValet allows you to take control back from the fraudsters.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding CardValet (FAQs)

*Maximum daily spending limits and overseas spending are still controlled by TCU.

** CardValet is a registered trademark of FiServ, Inc. The CardValet mobile app is offered as a free service to TelComm Credit Union members. You may incur charges assessed by our mobile service provider.  Message and data rates may apply.