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Club Accounts

Kirby-Oval-CMYK-OTL [Converted]Kirby Kangaroo Club

The Kirby Kangaroo Club is a fun savings club for our credit union members 12 years of age and under.

When you open your new account you will receive a gift bag with goodies. Then each year for your birthday you will receive a birthday card with a gift certificate to our prize box for a birthday gift! Present the certificate and receive your birthday surprise. As a member, you will learn the importance of saving, thoughtful spending and donating through newsletters located in every office quarterly.

Open your account with only $1 and watch it grow through the magic of interest. Each time you add money from birthday gifts, allowances and earnings, your account grows!

Christmas Club Accounts

Saving for the holidays has never been easier! Deposit funds as you wish or by automatic withdrawal from your accounts.  Start one at any time with any amount.  All balances over $50 earn interest.

Funds are transferred—either electronically or through check—in mid-October, just in time for holiday shopping!

Prime Times Club

As a member 55 years of age and older, you’re entitled to a great deal of special services and benefits at your credit union! Just take a look.

  • FREE photocopies (up to 20 pages per month)
  • FREE Notary & Signature Guaranty services
  • FREE standard duplicate checks (1 box per 12 months) with direct-deposit of your payroll, pension, retirement or Social Security funds. May also qualify with $1,000 minimum average daily share-draft balance.
  • FREE third-party credit-union checks (up to 4 per month)
  • FREE waiver of one stop-payment fee monthly
  • FREE financial planning assistance via the Credit Union Investment Center at TelComm Credit Union, 2155 E. Sunshine St. in Springfield by appointment.