A Checking Account for our younger members.

The Teen Checking Account is for our teen members age 13–17 until they are of age to have a regular Checking Account. For Teen Checking they must have a parent or guardian as a joint owner. Debit card option is available for Teen Checking Accounts.

  • Must be at least 13 years of age and eligible for TelComm CU membership to have a checking account.
  • Must have a parent or guardian as a joint owner.
  • The teen must have a valid Social Security Number and form of identification in hand. (Examples: State Issued government ID with photo or US Passport, Birth Certificate, School ID, Driver’s Permit)
  • Debit Card Available
  • No Overdraft Privilege, Bill Pay, or Zelle will be allowed on minor accounts. No checks will be allowed.
  • When the teen turns 18 he/she will need to request to be transitioned to an adult checking account. It will not happen automatically.