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Vacations are for relaxation, not worrying about lost or stolen debit and credit cards. Carrying a TRAVELMONEY Card is much safer than cash and accepted worldwide.

TRAVELMONEY cards are available through the Credit Union. There is a small fee for the service, but the peace of mind is well worth it.

Wherever members may travel, across the world or just across town, the Visa TravelMoney Prepaid debit card from CUMONEY® provides all the convenience and security they need when they spend. Plus, now there is a FREE CUMONEY® mobile app, which allows members to manage their card from anywhere in the world!

  • You may make a purchase with a TRAVELMONEY card any place VISA is accepted, including ATMs.
  • The card is reloadable and can be done on this website:  cumoney.com.  You will need TelComm’s Routing Number (286582876) as well as your account number.
  • The minimum value for a TRAVELMONEY card is $100.00 and the maximum value is $5,000.00.
  • The fee for a TRAVELMONEY card is $7.00 when purchased and loaded for the first time.
  • The fee to reload a TRAVELMONEY card is $2.00 per load paid to TelComm CU, and then a second $2.00 will be debited by CUMONEY from the card balance to reload as well – equaling a total overall charge of $4.00 per reload.
  • Additional information may be accessed by calling 1.877.850.9650.
  • Visit with a Member Service Representative for details!

Stop by our lobby and visit your favorite teller to learn more about how a TRAVELMONEY card could be right for your next trip.