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TelComm CU – Secure Payment Form

TelComm CU – Secure Payment Form

Are you looking for a simple and easy way to make a payment on your TelComm Credit Union loan from another financial institution?

TCU members can choose to make a loan payment with your checking account, savings account, debit card or credit card from another financial institution by simply entering your payment information on a secure website.*

The following types of cards may only be used:

  • MasterCard Debit
  • MasterCard Credit
  • VISA Debit
  • Discover Debit
  • Discover Credit

The maximum daily transaction amount is $1000.00.


Utilize the ACH Payment option for the least costly way to make a loan payment from another financial institution on a recurring basis.

How It Works. A typical ACH debit transaction consists of directly taking money out of, a bank/CU/savings and loan account by providing the account and routing number associated with the transaction. Once the authorized transaction has been communicated between the banking institutions, it is then processed and the debit from the account occurs

How are ACH payments processed? Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. ACH processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions in batches. ACH credit transfers include direct deposit, payroll and vendor payments.

If you choose to have a TCU Member Service Representative assist you over the phone or in person with setting up the ACH Payment then you will be charged $10.00 for the first transaction and each subsequent payment thereafter will be FREE.



For infrequent payments you may choose to this option and incur a “per transaction” fee.

The online loan payment processing service will be $8.00 per payment if the member initiates and completes it online, and $10.00 per payment if the member calls any TCU location for a Member Service Representative to process the payment via telephone.

Electronic payments will be accepted throughout the day until 8:00PM. Payments received after 8:00PM will be processed the next business day.  Payments received over the weekend will be processed on Monday or the next business day (excluding Federal holidays). The timing when funds are withdrawn from your account will be subject to the processing of your non-TCU financial institution.

*Payments made with a credit card or debit card may be considered a cash advance by the issuer of that card.  Please contact the customer service number on the back of your credit card for details.


How can I avoid the fees?

  1. Make TelComm CU your primary financial institution and you can conveniently transfer funds online from your checking or savings account to your loan payment!
  2. Drop off a check (or cash) in the night deposit drop box at any TelComm CU location for your loan payment.
  3. Direct deposit your entire paycheck or a portion of your paycheck via payroll deduction to TelComm CU to pay your loan when you payment is due.
  4. Postal mail a check for your TCU loan payment to any TelComm location with notes indicating how you want the funds distributed– and to which loans and accounts.
  5. If TCU is not your primary financial institution, use your primary financial institution’s online bill payment service to automatically send your loan payment to TelComm CU.
  6. Keep sufficient funds in your TCU savings account at all times so you are able to transfer a loan payment from your TCU savings account anytime online or by using our mobile app.
  7. Loan coupons are available at TCU so you have a monthly reminder in your calendar/wallet/briefcase to mail or drop off a payment.
  8. Ask any Member Service Representative to set your account up on AutoPay and your loan payment will be automatically withdrawn every month from the TelComm CU account you choose.

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