Current Rates

APR = Annual Percentage Rate

APY= Annual Percentage Yield

Checking account dividends paid monthly.

All other dividend rates declared and paid quarterly.

CDs have a $1,000.00 minimum.

Rates may vary and are subject to change without notice.


  • Auto Loan RatesAPR
    NEW 2017-2018As low as 2.99%
    Pre-Owned 2008-2016As low as 4.49%
    Pre-Owned 2007 & OlderAs low as 7.49%

    Up to 84 month terms, please call for details

  • Home Mortgage RatesAPR
    15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage held at TelComm CUAs low as 4.75%
    15/20/25/30 Year Conventional Fixed MortgageVaries
    USDA MortgageVaries
    FHA MortgageVaries
    VA MortgageVaries
    Home Equity Line of Credit held at TelComm CUAs low as 5.25%
    Rental Property Loans held at TelComm CU (1-4 Units only, held at TCU)Contact TCU Loan Officer

    Loans originated at TCU generally have lower fees than other lenders

  • Motorcycle, ATV, Boats, RV, Camper, Travel Trailer Loan Rates APR
    NEW 2017-2018 (Never Titled)As low as 4.49%
    Pre-OwnedAs low as 6.24%
  • MasterCard Credit Card Loan RateAPR
    MasterCard Credit CardAs low as 8.90%
  • MasterCard Secured Credit Card Loan Rate APR
    MasterCard Secured Credit CardAs low as 14.90%
  • Signature Loan Rate APR
    UnsecuredAs low as 8.90%
  • Moneyline Loan RateAPR
    Unsecured Line of CreditAs low as 8.90% 
  • Share Secured Loan RateAPR
    Share SecuredAs low as 3.00%
  • CD Secured Loan RateAPR
    CD Secured Loan (1yr. term or longer)CD Rate + 2.50%
  • Member Business Loan Rate APR
    Non-Owner Occupied Rental Property (1-4 units only)As low as 4.75% 


  • Account Rates APY
    Share Savings ($50 Avg. Daily Bal./Qtr.)0.10%
    Sub-Share Savings0.10%
    Christmas Club (After balance reaches $50.00)0.10%
    Checking (ADB/month of $200.00)0.03%
    Kirby Kangaroo Kids Share0.10%
    Coverdell Education Savings Acct. (ESA) Share1.00%
    Health Savings Acct. (HSA) Share1.00%
    IRA Share1.00%
  • CD Rates APY
    24 Month2.25%
    12 Month1.80%
    6 Month0.50%
    90 Day0.35%
  • Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)APY
    24 Month ESA CD0.70%
    12 Month ESA CD0.50%
    6 Month ESA CD0.30%
  • HSA CD Rates APY
    6 Month HSA CD0.30%

    12 & 24 Month HSA CDs Available, please call Main Office for details

  • IRA CD RatesAPY
    24 Month IRA CD0.70%
    12 Month IRA CD0.50%
    6 Month IRA CD0.30%