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TCU Mobile App – Mobile Deposit Service


Make deposits to your TCU savings and TCU checking accounts using a mobile device.  Click here to learn how to use Mobile Deposit.  Please refer to the Mobile Check Deposit User Agreement  for details.

Sign-up Requirements

  1. TelComm Credit Union Online Banking must be activated on your account.
  2. Download the TCU Mobile application for any Android or IOS phone or tablet.

Download TCU Mobile App from the Google App StoreDownload the TCU Mobile App on the iTunes App StoreDownload TCU Mobile App from the Amazon App Store  

  1. Provide an active email address when prompted in the application to receive notifications and alerts.
  2. All checks must be restrictively endorsed as: For Mobile Deposit Only with your signature endorsement, account number and TelComm CUOtherwise they will be declined/rejected.
  3. A user may be denied or blocked from Mobile Deposit if found to be abusing the service.
  4. If 2 duplicate checks are deposited, it will be cause for termination of the service.


A fee of $1.00 per item will be charged for each successfully deposited check using Mobile Deposit within the TCU Mobile application.

A fee of $10.00 will be charged for each deposited item that is returned to the credit union.

Deposit Limits

  • Maximum mobile deposit amount per day is $1,500.00
  • Maximum mobile deposit amount per month is $12,000.00
  • Maximum number of mobile deposits per day is limited to 5 separate items.
  • Maximum number of mobile deposits per month is limited to 10 separate items.

NOTE:  Limits may be adjusted based on the member’s account history & types of deposits.

Posting Policies

Once an item has been approved for deposit, TelComm will apply the funds to the account either mid-morning and/or late afternoon Monday – Friday, depending on when the deposit is received.

Items received after 3:30 PM CST will not be reviewed until the following business day.

Items received after 3:30 PM CST on Friday, will not be reviewed until the following Monday or next business day.

Funds Availability

A potential three business day hold may be placed on any remotely deposited item.  The check-hold decision will occur after the item is reviewed by authorized TelComm Credit Union personnel. Please check your account for funds availability after receiving notice of a Posted Mobile Deposit submission.

Deposit Status Alerts

By providing your primary email address, you will receive Pending Submission, Rejected Submission and Posted Submission alerts regarding the status of your deposit.

Check-Retention Requirements

TelComm Credit Union recommends you retain the check you deposited for 60 days after making a Mobile Deposit.