Let’s Talk Travel Plans!

Got that itch for adventure? We totally get it!

At TelComm Credit Union, we’re all about helping you turn your wanderlust into reality – without stressing out your wallet.


So, you’re eyeing that dream destination but feeling a bit strapped for cash? Our Money Market and Savings Accounts are your ticket to making those travel dreams come true. By setting aside funds in a dedicated savings account (Goal Account), you can build up the resources you need to embark on your next great journey. Plus, with our competitive interest rates, your money works harder for you, bringing those desired destinations closer than ever.


Now, let’s talk budgeting. We know it sounds boring, but trust us, it’s the key to more stamps in your passport. Start by stashing away a bit each month in a special travel fund. Pro tip: Name it something fun like “Adventure Fund” to keep you motivated!


And hey, here’s the scoop on stretching those travel bucks:

  • Be a deal detective! Hunt for those sweet flight and hotel bargains like a pro.
  • Embrace the off-season! Who says you can’t catch some rays in November?
  • Stay flexible! Sometimes the best adventures happen when you’re open to unexpected detours.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our Debit/Credit card rewards – they offer great travel rewards that can help make your trips more affordable.

Ready to make those travel dreams take flight? We’re here to make your sightseeing wishes come true!

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