At TelComm CU, your money can earn you even more than before.

We are now offering three and five-year terms for our CDs!

Certificates of Deposit (CD) function a lot like a savings account in that you save money and earn with compound interest. These accounts come with a maturity date and a specific, fixed interest rate of return, making them ideal for members who are in the market for a safe, long-term investment.

However, it differs from a savings account in that on-demand withdrawals are not available for a CD, protecting funds from impulse purchases so it can grow even more.

That’s not to say you can’t access your money before the term is up. You can, but we advise against it, as you will accrue a penalty.

TelComm CU also offers 90-Day, 6-month, one year and two year certificates as well. All CDs require a minimum deposit of $1,000.

Click here for more details and help choosing the best option for you!